So you want to buy in Spain and are looking at the options available, but everywhere seems to have just old stone houses. Stone houses aren’t really your thing and you would prefer something modern and energy efficient? We have a solution – find some land and build an Eco-friendly wooden house which can be designed to your specifications. Why should I buy a wooden house? Made of laminated block timber, these kit houses are designed to order and can be erected on site in about 10 weeks from delivery. This means that you can have a house designed to your specification in a short amount of time. This can be done in any country. We have supplied France Italy and Spain with timber lodge kits, Starting at €55,000 (can include all fittings, heating, insulation, interiors, bathrooms and kitchens etc included) these wooden kit houses are a great alternative if you are looking to live abroad permanently or you can use them as a holiday home But why wood?

wooden house

Wood has been used for thousands of years as a preferred building material because it is very durable, strong and a great natural insulator. Wood can also be cheaper than many other mainstream building materials and it’s fast and efficient to build wit

Laminated (or engineered) wood is used to construct these houses as it has excellent thermal efficiency and structural integrity. Due to the laminating process, this type of wood suffers virtually no shrinkage because each plank is dryer than a solid log.
Stains and preservatives can be used as well as plaster and paint, to achieve any finish, making these planks very versatile.

These laminated beams are engineered with alternating grains running through each plank, which gives them enormous strength and stability, which means large open spaces can be cheaply and easily created requiring no internal support. But what about foundations? These houses are built to sit on a concrete base to suit all ground conditions. We can help with the layout for your base as part of the service we offer. So this all sounds like a great idea, but I need land first. How do I find suitable land?

cad design

Again this is part of the service we offer. We work with agents all over Spa and other countries so we can find the right plot of land for you. So email us now and start designing your new home. For more information or if you have any questions or queries, please contact Alan Hewitt on

Why Timber?